August 22nd, 2011
On 19 August, Azadlig newspaper reporter Ramin Deco and Bizim Yol newspaper reporter Haji Zeynalov, along with lawyer Khalid Bagirov were detained by plain clothed agents while photographing demolished houses in Ganja.

Lawyer Khalid Bagirov told IRFS that the journalists were assaulted by three plain clothed people while taking photos of historical buildings being demolished in Ganja. Seeing the trouble, he went over and asked what was going on. He presented his lawyer ID card.
 “They refused to give my card back and then took the three of us to Kapaz District Police Department where we were held for about 2 hours. Then we were taken to Ganja City Executive Power. They made an official apology to us and said that this was all a misunderstanding. Then we were set free,” reported Bagirov.