March 17th, 2008
During news programs on Saturday and Sunday, “Lider” TV disseminated a special report on the stabbing of “Azadlig” Newspaper journalist Agil Khalil.

The newscasters, who portrayed the incident as artificial agitation, said, “The journalist, whose condition is good, is under the supervision of doctors. Even though Khalil’s condition is good and doctors have told him he can go home, for some reason the journalist does not want to leave the hospital.”  
While showing footage of someone brining a bag of fresh fruit to Khalil, the newscaster emphasized the “high spirits” of Khalil’s guests and that guests are brining food for the journalist. The newscaster then went on to say that forces who wish to distract attention from Azerbaijan’s “dynamic development” are trying to artificial distractions, like the stabbing of Khalil. “When the journalist went to bandage changing room without a wheelchair, his acquaintances stopped him, trying to create a show.”  
According to Lider’s newscaster, certain political forces will try to take advantage of this situation in the run-up to the presidential elections. The newscaster said “International Crisis Group” Director Sabina Frazier has released one such statement. “S. Frazier is trying to convince radical camps in Azerbaijan to repeat the events that occurred in Armenia,” the newscaster said. “Naturally, in the pre-election period this is a prognosis for listeners from radical camps which are functioning under a number of groups that occupy anti-Azerbaijan positions.”