April 29th, 2008
Tonight at 10:30 p.m. the film “Iflas” (Bankruptcy) will be shown again on Lider TV.

Today advertisements were run on Lider TV about this.  

The film was also mentioned by Lider TV during a sequence in the evening news program “Sada.” The telecaster claimed that citizens are contacting Lider and thanking them for broadcasting such programming. In response to this, the channel thanked the citizens for this position. “The viewers grasp the importance of investigative and polemical programming. In light of the great demand from viewers, ‘Lider Television’ will broadcast this again today.  

In the program “Sitatin sonu” (Final Quotation), which run right after “Sada,” the presenter said that Ali Kerimli cannot file a lawsuit over this show, because there was no element of insult in the program. It was also noted that the opinions expressed in the film are those of the speakers, not “Lider TV.” “Lider simply gave them air time,” the presenter said.   

To clarify this matter, the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety attempted to contact people that speak in the film. AXC former member Tahamsib Novruzov told IRFS that “Lider” appealed to him about appearing in this film. He said, “I don’t remember the exact day. ‘Lider’ called me and said they wanted to make a film about this. I agreed to this.”  

IRFS also tried to contact former AXC Supreme Council member Ramiz Tagiyev, but was unsuccessful.  

Footage of Isgander Hamidov shown on the film is the result of a secret recording from several years ago. After this footage was released, Hamidov and Kerimli held a joint press conference in which they said the footage was taken out of context.  

Today the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety released a statement condemning this film (this statement can be seen below), and appealed to the National TV and Radio Council about this film, asking it to express its official position on “Iflas.”