April 29th, 2008
Today a court hearing on the lawsuit put forth by Mukhalifat" Newspaper employee Yashar Agazadeh against Baku State University (BSU) Director Abel Maharramov for protection of his dignity and honor was conducted under the chairmanship of Yasamal District Court Judge Tahir Ismayilov.

The defendant’s lawyer Tofig Sadigov said that none of the words in the letter sent by Maharramov are an insult to dignity and honor. Agazadeh put forth a motion to invite a linguist to the court from National Science Academy. The judge said accepted this motion, and appointed the next hearing to 6 May at 3:00 pm.  

Recall that Mukhalifat" Newspaper employee Yashar Agazade is suing Baku State University (BSU) Director Abel Maharramov for allegedly writing information that is insulting and doesn’t conform to reality in the letter Maharramov sent to financial minister Samir Sharifov. Agazade is seeking to have a refutation published by Maharramov and 1000 AZN fine be paid to Azerbaijan Republic Armed Forces Assistance Fund.