Local governor’s son withdraws defamation case against journalist

July 25th, 2013

Ramal Quliyev, son of Nizameddin Quliyev, head of the Goranboy district Executive Power, has decided to withdraw his defamation lawsuit  against head of the Journalist Research Center (JRC), Fikret Faramazoglu. Quliyev announced his decision at today’s hearing in Nasimi district Court of Baku, Faramazoglu told IRFS.

The plaintiff now intends to sue the website and news portals, which jam.az (JRC’s website) had shown as sources of the articles that  caused the issue.

 “I can’t understand the reason of litigation. Jam.az has published a series of articles about Goranboy and the head of its executive power since May of this year, each time providing references to sources. What Ramal Quliyev does not comprehend is that there is a concrete source for each piece of information in those articles” said the journalist.

 “The reason for Nizameddin Quliyev’s appealing to courts via his son was the recently published pieces of attention-getting information that concerns them. Obviously he is worried about that news and thinks he can silence all the journalists by taking them to court” he added.