Reporters attacked, harassed in front of the Presidential office

Today Objective Tv reporter Rasim Aliyev and Kanal 13 correspondent Huseyn Azizoglu have become subject to pressure from plainclothes men while covering a peaceful rally in front of the presidential office, the journalists told IRFS. According to Aliyev, they were attacked by plainclothes men while filming a demonstration by a group of Black City residents not satisfied with the amount of compensation paid in return for their demolished apartments.

“They demanded that I give them my camera. As I refused, one of the them forcefully took it saying it would be returned after the images of the Presidential office building were deleted, whereas I had been filming the demonstrators not the PA building. When I got my camera back, I saw that they had deleted the whole footage” the journalist said.

Journalist Huseyn Azizoglu was treated in the same way as his colleague.

“I will appeal to law-enforcement agencies for what happened today” said Azizoglu.

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