May 19th, 2009
Today, May 19, in the Press Center of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, handicapped Garabagh War veteran, journalist, “Handicapped Perosns’ Defense Committee Chairman Maghrur Bedelsoy conducted a press conference on the violation of rights of handicapped people.

Speaking at today’s press conference, M. Bedelsoy said that formally handicapped people have wide-reaching rights according to international conventions, Azerbaijan’s Constitution and national legislation; however in reality these rights are not respected in Azerbaijan.
Bedelsoy said that according Articles 14 and 19 of the Law “On Land Reform,” handicapped veterans receive two portions of land from the state and municipalities must give land free one time to handicapped people, however in general municipalities refuse to give land to handicapped people.

“According to Article 30 of the Law on “Social Protection of Handicapped People,” executive agencies must give spare rooms to handicapped persons and provide handicapped persons with raw materials to create conditions for business ventures and work from home, however we are deprived on this,” said Bedelsoy.
Bedelsoy said that tax employees demand a month fee from him and when he does not give it they wrongfully fine him. “When I was in the hospital Economic Court #2 (Judge Ilham Ahmedov) accepted a decision to put my possession up for sale at the order of the Tax Ministry. The Appellate Court, without informing me, upheld this decision. He was unable to file a cassation complaint because he was not provided with a lawyer.