Major opposition party denied registration

On November 13, the Ministry of Justice returned the registration documents submitted by the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, reported party chairman Ali Karimli.


According to Karimli, the ministry justified the refusal to register his chairmanship – following his election at the party congress – by referring to an application made by several people expelled from the party.


“Razi Nurullayev has also submitted a document to the Ministry of Justice titled “APFP Trust Congress.” The Ministry of Justice returned our documents, “given the submission of contradictory applications on the formation of managerial bodies of one legal entity.” The Ministry suggested that we appeal to court to resolve the “dispute,” said Ali Karimli.


APFP’s congress was held on September 27, when Ali Karimli was re-elected as the chairman. Less than three weeks later, a splinter group comprised of several people expelled from APFP held a meeting under the banner Trust Congress Organizing Committee (October 18), and elected Razi Nurullayev as chairman. 


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