Lawyer of Jamil Hasanli’s daughter requests time from court

On November 13, the Baku Court of Appeal, chaired by the judge Aflatun Gasimov, resumed the hearing on the case of Gunel Hasanli, daughter of the National Council chairman Jamil Hasanli.

Gunel Hasanli’s lawyer, Adil Ismayilov, presented his objection to the forensic medical expert whose opinion had been presented at the previous hearing.


The lawyer requested that opinion #455/MES (October 1, 2015), jointly issued by Allahverdiyev and another expert, be struck from the list of evidence .


The presiding judge rejected the objection, but said the motion to strike the expert opinion from the evidence list would be considered in the deliberation room.


The victim Adila Salimova presented a reconciliation appeal to the court and requested the termination of the criminal case and fulfillment of her request, taking her age into consideration.

The presiding judge sought the parties’ consents to finalize the judicial investigation. The public prosecutor supported its completion, but defense lawyer Adil Ismayilov objected, arguing that the whole case is based on a single expert opinion, which is itself illegal and groundless. 


The presiding judge announced the end of the judicial investigation and invited parties to make speeches. The public prosecutor spoke first, requesting court to uphold the decision of the district court.


In her testimony, the victim Adila Salimova said she had not sustained any injuries and requested the court to dismiss the case, as it had not entailed any serious consequences, and the defendant Gunel Hasanli has two children under eighteen.  


Gunel Hasanli’s lawyer Adil Ismayilov requested time to prepare his speech.

The judge set the next hearing for November 19,  at 14.30.


Background: National Council chairman Jamil Hasanli’s daughter stands accused of hitting 86-year-old Adila Salimova with her car in Yasamal District on September 19, 2014. On February 20, 2015, Yasamal District Court sentenced Gunel Hasanli to a 1.5-year sentence in a penal .settlement. This verdict has been appealed.  

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