October 12th, 2011
According to report , the investigation into the harassment of IRFS and Ayna/Zerkalo newspaper   employee Idrak Abbasov and his family was carried out by the Interior Minister  has now been concluded. Materials for the launch of a criminal case were submitted to the prosecutor’s office, according to journalist.

He confirmed that the police conducted an investigation at the scene of the attack, questioning residents and photographing the scene.  I.Abbasov also said that threats against him and his family have ceased and that Police Department # 40 is monitoring  potential threats against them.
However Abbassov is not reassured, and said, “Despite this, we are living in fear, because, as far as I know, none of the assailants or persons who threatened me have been arrested. I think they are still free,” He added that SOCAR and Binagadi Oil has reacted to the appeal I addressed to President Ilham Aliyev.
“I received a call from both SOCAR and Binagadi Oil, saying that based on the appeal, they are eager to launch international investigations and view the incident scene as well. However, after consulting with our lawyer, Elchin Sadigov, we advised them to turn to the Prosecutor’s Office, which is continuing the investigation of the incident.
On September 9th, the house in the Baku suburb of Sulutepe where Abbasov’s relatives had been living for the past 25 years was attacked by a group of Binagadi Oil Company employees, without any prior eviction notice being delivered. His parents, his brothers and their spouses were all beaten with batons. His mother Naila Guliyeva, and brother Adalat Abbasov, were hospitalized in Clinic Center #1, and his father Telman Abbasov in city hospital #4.
According to Abbasov, due to inadequate medical treatment, he had to take his brother and mother to a private clinic, though his father’s treatment is continuing in city hospital #4.
An investigation of the incident is underway at Binagadi District Police Office #40. Police photographed the scene of the incident and questioned witnesses. Abbasov says that the police already has information about the identity of the several of the attackers and the vehicles used.
However, the police also received a complaint against Idrak Abbasov under the charge of hooliganism, and another complaint against his brothers Vagif Abbasov and Raman Abbasov, under a charge of physical intimidation. Media Rights Institute lawyer Elchin Sadigov is representing the family.