May 15th, 2009
Today Media Rights Institute conducted a round table in connection with 17 May, World Telecommunication and Information Day. Representatives of government organ information services, media structures and civil society participated in the roundtable.

Media Rights Institute Director Rashid Hajili said that since October 2006 they have been conducting research on Law “Access to Information.”
“This research was carried out by the Expert Group of our Institute to study the situation of knowledge freedom, and how everybody’s right to obtain information works. The investigation began in September 2006 and covers the period up to 1 May 2009,” said Rashid Hajili, emphasizing that the Open Society Assistance Fund’s Human Rights Program, OSCE’s Baku Office, and the US National Endowment for Democracy provided support for the project.
According to figures unveiled by Media Rights Institute employee Khalid Agaliyev, 960 information inquiries were sent to 260 government organs since October 2006. In the inquiries, information that is considered open was sought. Only 304 of the inquiries were responded to. However, 135 of the answers came been after 7 days response period stipulated in the law. Only 169 inquiries were responded to on time.
At the end of the event a decision was adopted to address an appeal to the President on behalf of the representatives, organizations, and lawyers of public and media to achieve better practices related to access to information.