May 15th, 2009
Today, 15 May, in the press center of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, Azerbaijan citizen Elminaz Sariyeva conducted a press conference regarding her unfounded dismissal from work by Gadabay Electric Net Station Director Musa Zeynalov.

Sariyeva said that she appealed to relevant organs in connection with this issue, but there was no result.
“I filed a lawsuit in court, but no decision in my favor was issued,” said Sariyeva. “Since I have gone through all instances, I am trying to take this issue to the Plenum of the Supreme Court. Although I have submitted written appeals to Supreme Court Chairman Ramiz Rzayev several times, the Supreme Court refuses to consider my case.”
E.Sariyeva emphasized that someone named Rima Agayeva at the Supreme Court told her that she can appeal to anywhere she wants, but the Plenum wil not consider this issue.
Sariyeva told media representatives that she has met with Gadabay Region Executive Administration (EA) Head Kamran Rzazade about her unfounded dismissal from work.
“Instead of investigating the issue, Rzazade threatened me and said, ‘If you complain, I was make your life difficult.” She also alleges that he threatened to kill. Later she says she was beat by EA employee Shamsaddin Gubadov, while EA employee Ramiz Yusifov watched.