July 17th, 2009
Media Rights Institute (MRI) has been removed from its rented office in Kaverochkin Street and is moving to a new office. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety called MRI Director Rashid Hajili to receive information regarding this issue. However, Hajili said that he was out of the country and suggested that we contact MRI Program Coordinator Khalid Agaliyev instead.

K.Agaliyev told IRFS that they are being busy with moving office equipments to the new office at Suleyman Rahimov 197/86.
“Our previous landlord told us that he faced problems due to MRI, and government officials forced him to remove the organization,” said Agaliyev. “In fact he should have informed us of the removal three months earlier. However, we were not even given a month of notice. We were allowed to stay until 15 July. Our new rented office is more expensive.”