December 18th, 2007
Media Rights Institute has stated its annual report related to expression of information condition in Azerbaijan.

It is shown in the report that, the researches started on the beginning of September 2006 and the process involves October 1 2006-December 15 2007. According to the annual report, absence of Attorney on Information Matters is the main shortcoming. During the research process central and local Executive Power institutions, legislation and court organizations, municipalities and other public information chairmen were given 601 information requests. 195 of the information requests were answered, but 406 information requests were not replied. 72 information requests were proper to the asked information. 123 information requests were answered incompletely. In conclusion, during 7 days which delineated in the legislation 49 information requests from 601 were answered completely.

 It is also emphasized in the report that, court authority doesn’t support freedom of information. As the court authority is not free, they are afraid of considering the complaints related to information requests conducted against state organs and even they can’t say “There is lawsuit against you”. Only 12 complaints from 54 have been considered by the court. 5 of them were positively solved, but for 7 complaints the court adopted negative decision. 30 complaints were resent back on groundless excuses.