Merkez newspaper correspondent attacked

On November 1st Merkez newspaper correspondent Joshgun Aliyev was attacked while performing his professional duties, the journalist himself reported to the IRFS. 

According to Aliyev, the newspaper’s editorial office received information about fit-trees being cut down on 24 Balakishiyev Street, Nizami District. Baku. The journalist went out to investigate the case, but was attacked by Emin Abbasov, former head of the taxi stand #4.  

“I told the guard there that I want to talk to the management. He went to call the director. After a few minutes a person by name Emin Abbasov, who claimed to be the director, agreed to an interview. He invited me to his office, where there were other people besides him. During the interview Abbasov suddenly got angry, shouted at me and demanded me to stop talking. He also required me to show where the cut stumps lay. We were leaving the office, when Emin Abbasov suddenly struck me. Employees took him back to his office and asked me to go away, saying that the director has some psychological problems” said the journalist.

Merkez newspaper belongs to former MP Guler Ahmedova.  

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