The Association of National Security and Defense has publicly claimed that the Defense Ministry is behind the hacker attack on the website

The head of the association, Yashar Jafarli, said that since September 11th, the site has been subjected to intensive hacking attacks, which have brought the site down. Due to the large number of attacks, the site administration decided to shut it down.
Jafarli believes that there are two potential causes of the attacks.The attacks could be related to the publication of negative materials about conflicts and corruption in the leadership of the Defense Ministry, or caused by the Armenian secret services.
Director of the Agency "MilAz" Jasur Sumerinli, suggests that the attacks are being organized by a group under the control of Azerbaijani Defense Minister Safar Abiyev. “The Defense Ministry has started a crusade against the media, for highlighting negative aspects of the way the army is run, corruption and lawlessness.”
According to Sumerinli, the group he believes to have been led by the defense minister has used underhand methods to silence certain media outlets, journalists and even military experts. "And the group puts pressure on those who do not want to bow such a shameful policy," said Sumerinli.
“They ordered me not to criticize Minister Safar Abiyev and the shortcomings in the army.  In this regard, I must appeal to the law enforcement agencies,” said Sumerinli.
He believes that the confrontation between defense minister Abiyev and the head of general staff Najmeddin Sadigov has undermined army leadership. “And now they have launched an attack on the media. We believe that the media and NGOs of Azerbaijan should be alert to this issue, and appeals should be sent to the relevant institutions. We will continue to fight from our end,” he said.

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