November 8th, 2010

Election commission members, police and representatives of other executive structures hindered the professional work of journalists during the November 7th Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan.a

Liberty Radio correspondent Nusaba Fatullayev witnessed a voter who was registered in Ordubad precinct voting in election precinct #14 of Yasamal second election constituency #16. While Fatullayev was filming this, the election commission interfered and demanded that she delete the video.

Persons who introduced themselved  as members of constituency election commission, would not allow Ayna-Zerkalo newspaper correspondent Idrak Abbasov to take photos in elction precinct #5 of Yasamal election constituency #15, or election precinct #15 of Yasamal second election constituency #16.

Malahat Nasibova, Liberty Radio and Turan news agency’s Nakhchivan bureau correspondent,  was refused entry into precinct #7 of Nakhchivan election constituency #4.
Hakimeldostu Mehdiyev, IRFS and Yeni Musavat correspondent in Nakhchivan, was not allowed to observe the voting in Sharur regional Constituency Election Commission #2.
IRFS observer Shovket Yusifgizi was forcefully driven out of the Precinct #15 of ConEC#16 after she revealed that the same person had voted several times.

During the vote counting in Precinct #16 of ConEC#31, IRFS correspondent Nizami Jafarov and Azadlig correspondent Natig Gulaliyev were forcibly ejected from the precinct by police and taken to Surakhani District Court. The journalists, detained at 10.32 pm, were told at 4.05 am that their observer status had been revoked. The journalists were detained for more than 5 hours, although the law caps detention at 3 hours.

IRFS employees Rasim Aliyev, Galib Haasanov and Adalat Ahmadov were not allowed into precinct #10 of Binagadi second election constituency #9. Another IRFS observer, Rasim Aliyev, was ejected from precinct #8 of ConEC #29 by police .