November 8th, 2010
We, a group of non – governmental organizations in Azerbaijan, express our great concern regarding the non – democratic processes and mass violations during the November 7th Parliamentary elections. We consider this a serious blow against the democratization of our country.

We believe that these elections will destroy the citizens’ tentative hope for free elections and significantly slow down the democratic process.
The elections of November 7th demonstrated once again that Azerbaijani government is not interested in fulfilling its obligations to international standards of democracy and human rights.
The elections will create more obedient Milli Majlis without any real political alternatives, and seriously obstruct the establishment of state governance that is based on the division of powers.
We address the people of Azerbaijan and civil society organizations, and call upon them to campaign for new legislation and for more active participation in democratic processes.
We also address international and foreign diplomatic missions that are operating in Azerbaijan, and urgently ask them to voice their concerns about the November 7th Elections, the results of which do not correspond to the real needs and desires of the people, or reflect the fulfillment of Azerbaijan's international obligations.
 Law and Development Public Association
 Democracy Learning Public Union
 Azerbaijan Lawyers Association
 Legal Education Society
 Media Rights Institute
 Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center
 Broadcasting Monitoring Center
 Committee of Lawyers on Human Rights
 Democracy and Human Rights Resource Center
 Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety
November 08, 2010