November 16th, 2009
“Bizim yol” newspaper employee Mushig Huseynov’s health has deteriorated. Huseynov is being held in the specialized treatment facility of the Justice Ministry.

 The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by Mushfig Huseynov’s brother Sarvar Huseynov, who visited the journalist yesterday, 15 November.

According to S.Huseynov, although the journalist did not complain about prison conditions and the attitude of the employees towards him, he said that his health problems deteriorated.

“Despite the intensive treatment, his treatments have not been successful up to this day,” said S.Huseynov. “He was 64 kg when we met two weeks ago. But today he was 57 kg. Although he has been receiving the treatment on the diagnosis ‘in the destroying phase of infiltrative tuberculosis of the left lung’ for more than 25 days, the destruction process of his lung has not stopped. Mushfig began having liver problems too. He said that he suffers from high temperature, sweating, poor appetite and fatigue. His family takes all food he needs to him, but cooking for him is difficult because he does not have his strength, therefore he cannot get enough nutrition.”

Mushfig Huseynov was convicted under Article 311.1 (receiving of a bribe) of the Criminal Code in July, 2007 and on 21 January 2008 was sentenced by Grave Crimes Court Judge Jamal Ramazanov to 6 years of imprisonment. However, this sentence was reduced to 5 years through a decision adopted by the Appellate Court.