December 7th, 2010
The Nakchivan Autuonumous Republic (AR) Ministry of Justice finally responded to the Human Rights and Media Monitoring Public Union's appeal of for registration, which was submitted 6 months ago.

In its response, the Ministry stated that the Public Union was not registered and therefore the registration documents were sent back, the co-founder of Union Elman Abbasov told IRFS.

“As to the reason for the refusal to register the Union, the Ministry says that the Public Union charter has not been signed by the founders of the Union,“ he said.

“We have signed and submitted the relevant documents. Moreover, the documents had been checked by the lawyers before submission. If there really were a problem, they should have informed the founders within a month. However, the Ministry of Justice responded in 6 months, which is a violation of the law. Therefore, we are going to appeal to the court again,” said Abbasov.

The Human Rights and Press Monitoring Public Union, founded on 5 May, 2010, was not registered by the Nakhchivan AR Justice Ministry. Though the organization appealed to the ministry for registration on 20 May, 2010, the registration of the union was intentionally delayed and no response has been made to our inquiries.  The founders filed a lawsuit in Nakhchivan City Court against the Ministry of Justice on September 20th. However, the court refused to receive the lawsuit to be heard.