Natig Adilov and Gan Turali recognized as victims

On July 2nd Azadig newspaper correspondent Natig Adilov (Gulahmadoglu) and website editor-in-chief Gan Turali (Tural Jafarov) were invited to Oguz Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Gulahmadoglu reported to the Azadlig newspaper that regional prosecutor Ruslan Agayev received both of the journalists and noted that they had been invited in connection with the case in Afra Hotel, where their right to private life had been violated.  
“We were first testified as witness. Then we were recognized as victims. We were informed by the prosecutor’s office that a criminal case has been launched in connection with the case under Article 156.1 (Illegal collecting of information about private life, which is personal or family secrets)” said Natig Adilov.
Secretly recorded video footage of Gan Turali and Natig Adilov taken in a hotel room during a training course in Oguz was broadcast on Lider TV in April. Natig Adilov opened a lawsuit against Lider TV channel, stating that the broadcasting of this secretly recorded footage is illegal. He was requesting financial compensation of 100 000 AZN from both of the defendants, for the humiliation of his personal dignity, interference with his private life and freedom of expression. He also demanded that court to recognize the violation of his right to a private life and requested an official apology from the defendant. On May 1st 2012 Yasamal District Court denied Adilov’s lawsuit and charged Adilov to pay 150 AZN to compensate for forensic investigation costs

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