September 16th, 2010
On 16 September, in the press center of the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety, Nota Newspaper Editor-in-chief Sardar Alibeyli conducted a press conference on the problem of his deaf and mute son.

Fakhraddin Alibeyli, who is 18 years old, was  disabled from the time he was born and has received 50 AZN pension from the state each month for 10 years. After he grew up, he was deprived from this assistance and demanded that he be examined by the doctor’s commission to determine disability. According to Sardar Alibeyli, the doctor’s commission that determined the degree of disability advised him to place his son in psychiatric hospital in Mashtaga and receive a necessary reference from the hospital.
“When I see my son, it is known that he is sick. Why I am forced to walk from door to door?”  Sardar Alibeyli expressed his anger.
“I will allow ten days for the government to solve my son’s problem. I will take concrete steps after this period is ended. I will wear a covering together with my son and go to Armenia. This is my objection!” said Alibeyli.
Serdar Alibeyli is sure that there are political reasons against him. “I suffer from injustice because of I criticized the government” pointed out Alibeyli.  
The Press Council presented Nota newspaper as a “racketeering press”. Alibeyli was sentenced to 4 months on the special lawsuit of four generals of Internal Army against on the prosecution to insult honor and dignity in 2009. He was released in February of 2010.