April 9th, 2008

“Baki Zaman” Newspaper is being kicked out of its office.

The newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief Elnur Maharramli told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, “Last year in December the owner of the building Idris Guliyev appealed to Sabail District Court about evicting Achig Jemiyyet Party (Open Society Party) and our newspaper from the building. Judge Fuad Huseynov fulfilled this claim, and adopted a decision to evict the newspaper from the building. On 15 March this decision was given to us. We’ll file a complaint against this decision in the Appellate Court within a week.” The editor-in-chief emphasized that “there’s a contract between Idris Guliyev and the party about leasing the building to Achig Jemiyyet Party (Open Society Party). Although the contract term is not over yet, Guliyev filed a claim to evict the party and the newspaper from the building.” 
Baki Zaman Newspaper is not currently being published because of financial problems.