April 16th, 2012
More than a month has gone by since my son was injured by a reckless driver, but police have taken no measures against the culprit, said journalist Idrak Abbasov at a press conference at IRFS.

Abbasov alleges that the culprit was a 23-year-old named Azar, who was detained and taken to police station #40 of Binagadi district on the day of the incident. No measures have been taken against the culprit. Abbasov appealed to Interior Minister Ramil Usubov after being sent away by the investigator, who told him that he “does not look like a decent man”.


The accident took place in front of a kindergarten in the Binagadi district on March 6th, when the driver of a Lada car hit 5 year old Said Abbaszadeh and then sped off. But he was found and taken to the police, who revealed that he had no driving license. “The fact that no measures have been taken in spite of the obvious criminal responsibility here is deeply troubling,” said Abbasov.