October 14th, 2009
Today, 14 October, in the office of the Azerbaijan Committee of Helsinki Citizen Assembly, a conference was held related to the “Tolıshi sado” newspaper’s editor-in-chief Novruzali Mammadov’s death. During the conference Arzu Abdullayeva spoke about N.Mammadov’s arrest and death.

Then N.Mammadov’s lawyer Ramiz Mammadov talked and said that government organs, especially the National Security Ministry and the Justice Ministry are responsible for Novruzali Mammadov’s death. The lawyer stated that several times they demanded that N.Mammadov should have medical examination when he was alive, but this was delayed intentionally.
“It was very late for N.Mammadov when the examination was held; his illness increased and he reached death’s door,” said R.Mammadov adding that 68 year old man was threatened with sexual assault. He was told that he would be forced to leave the country like Elikram Humbetov.
The lawyer said that an appeal was presented to the European Court of Human Rights for the violation of articles 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 13 of the European Convention and article 1 of the protocol #1.
“Tolishi Sado” Newspaper Editor-in-chief N.Mammadov died in the Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Services’ Central Hospital on 17 August 2009. In 2007, during a closed hearing, N.Mammadov was sentenced to ten year imprisonment under article 274 (treason) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic.However, N.Mammadov, who had Talysh nationality, did not consider himself guilty and claimed that his arrest was related to ethnic-political motives and freedom of speech.