September 28th, 2009
On 25 September “Tolishi Sado” Newspaper Editor-in-chief N.Mammadov`s widow Maryam Mammadova and son Emil Mammadov had a car accident while returning from the forty day ceremony.

The Chairman of the Defense Committee for Novruzali Mammadov`s Rights Hilal Mammadov told IRFS that the accident happened at approximately 9:00 p.m. in the area of Alat settlement of Alat-Astara road.  A “Mercedes” driven by Emil Mammadov in the direction of Baku collided with a lorry that was coming from the opposite direction. As a result, Emil Mammadov`s feet were broken and he was placed in the rehabilitation department of Baku City Clinical Hospital #1. Maryam Mammadova sustained injury on her left arm and she is receiving treatment at home.
H. Mammadov noted that the driver of the lorry ran away from the site of the accident. No measures have been taken regarding his search.
“Tolishi Sado” Newspaper Editor-in-chief N.Mammadov died in the Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Services Central Hospital on 17 August. Mammadov was transferred to the Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Services Central Hospital on 28 July 2009 after his health worsened. His relatives claim that he did not receive necessary treatment and as a result he died.  In 2007, during a closed hearing, N.Mammadov was sentenced to ten year imprisonment under article 274 (treason) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic. However, N.Mammadov, who had Talysh nationality, did not consider himself guilty and claimed that his arrest was related to ethnic-political motives and freedom of speech.