September 28th, 2009
Today, 28 September, Ayanda Mursaliyeva visited her husband, imprisoned “Azadlig” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Zahid in Prison #17. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by A. Mursaliyeva.

Ganimat does not have any complaints about prison conditions or his health, said Mursaliyeva.
A. Mursaliyeva said that Ganimat Zahid was not surprised at the arrest of Sevgilada Guliyeva who slandered him. “Ganimat Zahid said that people ruling Azerbaijan’s society use criminals skillfully to achieve their goals,” said A.Mursaliyeva adding that Ganimat does not believe the emergence of this problem will influence his case positively.      
The Yasamal District Court held Guliyeva’s witness account as evidence when arresting Ganimat Zahid. In the investigation materials regarding Ganimat Zahid’s case, and in court statements, Sevgilade stated that in 2007, in front of the“Azerbaijan” Editorial Office, Ganimat Zahid taunted her. Then, a dispute erupted between her acquaintance Vusal hasanov and Ganimat Zahid, and according to her claim, Ganimat beat Vusal Hasanov. However, both Ganimat and his defense lawyers insisted that this case was spurious, that Guliyeva was under search warrant at that time, and she was used to arrest Ganimat. The court did not pay any heed to the motion of Ganimat’s lawyers.
The employees of the Khatai District Police Department #37 detained Agdam region resident Sevgilada Guliyeva (born in 1975) on 20 September. She had heroin on her when she was arrested. Besides, S.Guliyeva is accused of stealing gold and jewelry out of a citizen’s purse in one of the hospitals
Ganimat Zahid was convicted under articles 127.2.3 (hooliganism with intentional infliction of minor bodily harm) and 221 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code and imprisoned for four years.