October 8th, 2009
Yesterday, 7 October, Presidential Administration Head Ramiz Mehdiyev`s article “Azerbaijan’s TV sector: problems and duties” was discussed during a meeting at the National Television and Radio Council (NTRC). Existing situation of the TV channels was discussed during the meeting. NTRC prepared relevant proposals for organs regarding the increase in the show programs, dubbing problems of films, inexperience of newscasters, and other shortcomings on TV channels.  The Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety was told this by Deputy Chairman Togrul Mammadov.

NTRC Chairman N.Maharramli said that the Council applauds R.Mehdiyev`s article.
“This article investigated problems in the TV sector of Azerbaijan and showed mechanisms for the elimination of them.  Organization will implement its duties in this sector, it will increase supervision as a regulative organ,” said N.Maharramli.
Ramiz Mehdiyev criticized shortages in the activity of the television and radio channels in his article, “TV sector of Azerbaijan: problems and duties” published in the “Azerbaijan” newspaper on 4 October.