May 6th, 2008
Today a response came to the information inquiry that the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety sent to the National TV and Radio Council (NTRC) about the film “Iflas,” which was broadcast on “Lider TV.”

It is noted in the reply letter, from NTRC Chairman Nushiravan Maharramli (Maharramov) that the NTRC’s main duty is to monitor adherence to legislation about TV and Radio. At the same time, the broadcasters maintain professional independence when it comes to creativity and editorial activity.  
“While there is public interest in the distribution of audiovisual information, this audiovisual information is not categorized as such that it would damage children or minors physically, mentally or morally. That is why the cases you noted in the inquiry – the ‘Law on TV and Radio broadcasting’ and the ‘Special Regulations for Programs that damage children and minors physically, mentally or morally and are broadcast without code, as well erotic and cruelty’ are not violated,” says the inquiry, which emphasizes that issues related to other violations should be resolved in court.  
Recall that IRFS made a statement condemning the broadcasting of “Iflas” film on 29 April 2008. A call was made in the statement to the NTRC, as the organ that supervises the TV and Radio broadcasting and has the influence to take relevant measures.  The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety called on the NTRC to take immediate measures against “Lider TV” for its “flagrant violation of local and international legislation through the showing of ‘Iflas,’ and to put an immediate end to these types of disgraceful, illegal broadcasts, which are a total affront to Azerbaijan’s national morals and values and damage Azerbaijan’s international image.”
IRFS appealed to NTRC about this and asked the organization to express its position about the film. IRFS’s statement was added to the appeal.