June 16th, 2009
National Television and Radio Council’s Examination, Programming and Analytic Department (NTRC) has given a verbal warning to ANS FM radio station. The Institute for Reporters' Freedom Safety was told this by the Examination, Programming and Analytic Department Head Tavakkul Dadashov. 

“Topics violating national and moral values have been discussed in ANS CM radio station’s “Genj klub” (Young club) program several times,” said Dadashov. “ANS CM was given a warning especially because a newscaster named Tural conducted a talk about erotic and pornographic films on 1 June 2009. The facts are being clarified at present. After the facts are clearly defined, this issue will be discussed during NTRC’s meeting in the near future.”

ANS FM radio chief editor Aytan Zeynalova told IRFS that the radio respects NTRC’s decisions and they will try not to allow such things.