November 27th, 2008
Azerbaijan’s Human Rights Ombudsperson Elmira Suleymanova has appealed to the National Television and Radio Council about plans to close foreign radio stations in Azerbaijan. Suleymanova said this in an interview to Radio Liberty. Suleymanova also noted in the interview that she was recently in Prague for an international conference on torture and used to opportunity to also visit the Radio Liberty office in Prague.

According to Suleymanova she spoke with Nushiravan Maharramli after he announced the local frequencies used by foreign radio stations will be taken back. Maharramli told her, that as it is in Europe, in Azerbaijan broadcasting frequencies cannot be given to foreign entities.

Suleymanova has now appealed to the NTRC in writing. “The appeal was related to investigating this matter and finding a solution within their means,” said Suleymanova. “Based on the information I have, the final decision on this matter will be issued in mid-December, but I cannot tell you what the decision will be.”