Opposition paper journalist brutally beaten, attack recorded on camera


Farahim Ilgaroglu, employee of the opposition daily “Yeni Musavat”, was assaulted and beaten by an unknown man on April 25, at about 10:30am, as he told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety today.

The aggressive attack was caught on camera. According to the journalist, he did not know the person who assaulted him.

“The unknown person called me in front of the building where I live and asked if lived there. Then he mumbled something and suddenly punched me, pushed me down and started kicking me. While kicking me on the ground someone called him. The kicks injured my face, broke a tooth and cut the lip. I reported the attack to the police and passed medical exam”, said the journalist.

Ilgaroglu added that he did not know the reason of the attack.

Note that from it is visible in the recorded footage that there was another person with athletic appearance and sports clothing beside the assaulter who did not interfere with the fight, but approached the assaulter, gestured him that “it’s enough” and took him away.

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