Orhan Zeynalli, an activist of the “Democracy-18” Movement arrested for 30 days

Orhan Zeynalli, an activist of the “Democracy-18 “Movement, was administratively arrested for 30 days, the  report of the “Democracy-1918 Movement”. Companions believe that he was arrested on a far-fetched, politically motivated charge. In particular, the Movement pointed out that Zeynalli had previously written a critical post about the failure of the police to investigate his complaint about the theft of a bicycle on which he worked as a food delivery courier.

In addition, Zeynalli led the Couriers Workers’ Union, which seeks fair conditions for payment for the work of couriers. The Movement intends to attract a lawyer to protect Zeynalli’s rights and appeal against his arrest.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that Zeynalli was administratively arrested for 30 days by the decision of the Narimanov District Court on November 11.

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