February 9th, 2011
The Board of the Bar of Lawyers has decided to expel Osman Kazimov from the Azerbaijani Bar of Lawyers. This decision was taken in response to the request from the First Deputy General Prosecutor, Rustam Usubov.

Kazimov fell from grace after he and his defendant refused to sign the record compiled by the investigator of the General Prosecutor Office’s Grave Crimes Department, Kamal Talibov, claiming the document was fraudulent. But the investigator complained about the barrister, saying that he had violated procedural requirements.  Then the First Deputy General Prosecutor Rustam Usubov filed an appeal to the Board, which granted the appeal.

Kazimov told Radio Liberty that he had not committed any legal violation. He added that even if he had done so, he should first received notification, then punished, and only dismissed from the Bar as a final measure. Kazimov was selected to the Azerbaijan Bar of Lawyers in 1990.