A group of rights defenders, including IRFS representatives Elman Abbasov, Hakimeldostu Mehdiyev, Rasul Jafarov, Democracy and NGO Development and Resource Center Head Malahat Nasibova met with the relatives of former parliamentary candidate Sakhavat Aliyev.

Aliyev’s family were involved in an incident of police violence on 10 December.
Today Aliyev’s relatives launched an open-ended hunger strike. They are demanding medical treatment for the injured, and a full investigation of the incident.
Aliyev’s relatives have refuted a statement by Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic’s Baku Office alleging that their family shop [demolished down during the attack] had been operating illegally. They said that the shop was registered in 2004 and the taxes had been paid in November 2010. They produced the registration certificate and the tax payment receipts.
Sakhavat Aliyev’s nephew Zakir Tagiyev was taken to Sharur Regional Police Department and warned by police. “They told me to tell my uncle Chapay to stop fooling around. They also told me to tell Sakhavat that his interview with the press will not change anything- he’ll still be going to jail.”  
On 12 November, 2007, Sabit Aliyev, brother of former APFP-Msuavat coalition candidate for the November Parliamentary elections, was taken to the Sharur Regional Police Office and illegally detained there without any court decision until 21 November. His detention was based on the complaint of Pusyan village executive officer Amil Abilov, Pusyan village school deputy director Asamin Mahmudov and the village mullah Yasin Aliyev. Sabit Aliyev says that he had no problem with the complainers. Simply, he state in the public that the elections were rigged. As a result, he was held in Police Office for 7 days.
On December 10, the police attacked the house of Chapay Alisoy, brother of former APFP-Musavat bloc’s parliamentary candidate Sakhavat Aliyev. A small shop in his yard was destroyed with a tractor. Chapay Alisoy, his cousins Gulara and Balakhanim Aliyevas, his nephew Zakir Babayev, his sister Rakshanda Tagiyeva and Rakshanda’s spouse Bayram Tagiyev were severely beaten. The attack was led by Sharur Region Police Office Chief Mammad Huseynov and Ibadullah Police Department Chief Ahmad Tahmazov. Blows dealt to Chapay’s head left him in a serious condition. A doctor in the village wanted to help, but on assessing Chapay's condition, he said that he required immediate hospital treatment. However, the hospital refused to provide medical aid for the injured persons, claiming a lack of ambulances. IRFS correspondents contacted Sharur Region Police Office Ibadullah Police Department Chief Ahmad Tahmazov. He refused to comment.

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