July 30th, 2011
On July 28th, 2011, Azar Garamanli, the editor-in-chief of Pia.az news agency, was threatened by the local executive officers of Neftchala region, the editor reported to IRFS today, July 29.

According to Garamanli, he was threatened by Neftchala’s chief architect Rustam Tahirov, who has been promoted to this position by the executive head of the region Ismayil Valiyev. Garamanli says that Tahirov is originally a veterinary by profession. “He told me that someone has called him from the website and insulted him. However, it is not the case,” he said.
The editor said that he is going to appeal to the court as well. “I will demand the text of our phone conversation. This man not only openly threatened me, but also used inappropriate language,” he said.
Garamanli added that he wants the Press Council to react to this incident: “If any official humiliates a journalist in this way, the Press Council should react to it. ”