Police attack ANS TV crew trying to cover Baku protest in support of Occupy Gezi

June 3rd, 2013

On June 2nd two employees of ANS TV, correspondent Elnara Mammadova and cameraman Firuz Aghayev, were attacked by the police covering protest in support of Occupy Gezi (the protests that have gripped Turkey since May 27) in Turkey, the advisor to the president of ANS Group of Companies Mais Mammadov told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety today (June 3).

Mais Mammadov reports the incident took place while ANS TV employees were covering the peaceful protest in front of the Turkish Embassy, held in support of the Taksim Square protest.

“Our cameraman and correspondent have sustained injuries. They went through medical examination and the result will be revealed today. The police tried to justify their actions by saying they didn’t recognize our correspondents since they were not wearing identifiable clothing. We had the channel logo on our microphones though” – noted Mais Mammadov.

“ANS TV hasn’t taken the matter up with us as yet. But if they do, the incident will be investigated and all necessary measures will be taken”  head of the press service of Interior Ministry Ehsan Zahidov told IRFS.