Today, Mehman Mehdiyev, one of the IRFS employees that were harrassed in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic held a press conference at IRFS  press center. He spoke about the recent pressures on his family, particularly  on his father Hekimeldostu Mehdiyev. According to Mehdiyev, the reason for the dispute was the electric line going to the small car-washing station in their yard.

 “There was nothing illegal in our activity. Simply, the Nakhchivan authorities are dissatisfied with out journalistic work and that’s why they are libelling us. They claim that we have been using the  electricity line to the car washing station without a power meter,”said Mehdiyev, and added  that, he is wanted by the police.
 “On that day, I filmed the attack on our house from a distance. They followed me but couldn’t catch, now they want to revenge  Also, Sharur Regional Prosecutor’s Office is gatherng testimonies against us threatening  residents of the region, especially taxi drivers with the intent to arrest us,“ he said.
 IRFS Director Emin Huseynov said that, Mehdiyevs have remained without power supply in this hot season in Nakhchivan. “It has been for 10 days that they are left without electricity and even removed the electricity pillars.”
Journalist Idrak Abbasov said that, other journalists in Nakhcivan faced the same problems, and the last one happened after German journalist Michael Ludwig’s visit to Nakhcivan Autonomous Republic. Abbasov added that,  On July 15th,  IRFS reporter in Nakhcivan Elman Abbasov, prepared news report at Jalilkand village of Shahur region, and Turan Information Agency reporter Ilgar NAsibov  faced attacks by Shahur Police officers . The journalists were beaten, cameras and video cameras  were  seized and  records deleted.   The conflict began after  well-known Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”reporter in Moskow , political commentator Michael Ludwig’s visit to Nakhcivan and leaving Nakhcivan after facing pressures from the government. After Mehdiyev accompanied the journalist to  Sadarak, police decided to punish him.
 On July 13th, Aladdin Mammadov, deputy Head of  Executive power of Shahur,  came to Hekimeldostu Mehdiyev’s house with several persons and made pressures on him, then they cut off the power supply to his car washing station.

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