Police Put Pressure on Exiled Blogger’s Sisters

Netherlands-based prominent exiled blogger and political activist Ordukhan Teymurkhan’s sisters have been taken to the 32nd police station of Surakhani District Police Department, the blogger himself reported on 18 February.

According to Teymurkhan, he received a call from the phone number +994502113626, saying his sisters were in the hands of the police. An officer, who did not introduce himself, told the blogger ‘if you were a man, we would not have brought your sisters here’.

The political activist says his sisters have been intimidated. “They told my sisters that they would hurt them unless I quieted down,” the blogger noted.

The police have also threatened the famous blogger himself by saying ‘we will bring you here, too’.

Teymurkhan said he would inform international organisations of the incident.

Recall that, the blogger’s family members and other relatives have recently declared disowning him on the media.

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