The person who attacked "Ayna" and "Zerkalo" Newspapers' correspondent, employee of the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety, Great Britain Institute for War and Peace Reporting (iwpr.net) reported Idrak Abbasov’s house on 18 November, and who was caught with the help of Abbasov’s brothers was set free by police.

Abbasov reported this to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety.  

“I heard this news on Radio Liberty yesterday. When I called police department #40, they told me that the person was in fact set free,” noted Abbasov, adding that no investigation has been carried out on the case; the place where the incident happened has not been examined and statements have not been taken from the plaintiff and witnesses. “In general, the police do not care about this incident. They say that they are still looking for this person but cannot find him. Why should they search for him? They should have arrested him right away and should be searching for the other people who attacked my house along with him,” emphasized Abbasov.  

Abbasov says that several people attacked his house. He caught one of the attackers with the help of his brothers and turned this person over to police.   

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