April 3rd, 2008
Today in the office of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety Institute the newly-formed “Journalist Election Expert Center” (JEED) held its presentation.

Opening the conference, co-founder Jayhun Musaoglu said that JEEC has sent registration papers to the Ministry of Justice. According to Musaoglu, the documents will be reviewed within 40 days, and after this, within one week, the organization will receive its registration.

The main goal of JEEC is to disseminate fair and objective information about elections conducted in Azerbaijan. “This organization will be an open center, and journalists will cooperate during the presidential, parliamentary, and municipal elections, as well as referendums,” said Musaoglu.

Another JEEC co-founder Elnur Aslanbeyli, who is also the chief editor of “Alma” Newspaper, said, “The journalists have a big responsibility to objectively report on elections Therefore, our main goal is to work as a group.”