May 20th, 2008

The primary investigation of the criminal case opened against Sergey Strekalin, who is accused by the Chief Prosecutor’s office of stabbing “Azadlig” newspaper correspondent Agil Khalil, has ended.

Agil Khalil’s defense lawyer Elchin Sadigov told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety. According to Sadigov, the injured party should become familiar with the case materials first and they have already received written information about this. Sadigov stated that he will familiarize himself with the case materials this weekend. 

E. Sadigov noted that different lawsuits were filed against Strekalin on different accusations. “The articles used during the investigation show that accusations on different articles have been made against Strekalin not related to Agil Khalil,” said Sadigov. “The accusation made on article 127.1 of Criminal Code (to cause minor bodily injury on purpose not dangerous for life) is related to Agil. The accusations on the basis of articles 234.1 (obtain or keeping means of narcotics) and 320.1 (to falsify official documents and seals) of the Criminal Code on which Strekalin was accused prove once again that the number of accusations might have been more against him if he didn’t testify against Agil.”