December 18th, 2007

In the Narimanov District Court under the chairmanship of Judge Asif Allahverdiyev a hearing was conducted on Yevlakh Executive Administration Elmar Valiyev’s and public’s lawsuit against “Khural” Newspaper.

During the hearing representatives from Yevlakh community participated first as prosecutors, but at the end they were registered as witnesses.

At first “Kur” Newspaper (it is published only in Yevlakh) Editor-in-Chief Amina Ahmadova made a speech and noted that, “The articles written about Yevlakh affected me very badly as a journalist. When I read the article, I thought if only Elmar didn’t read this. In Yevlakh about 600 women work in “Lala” clothes factory. Every one is joyful in Yevlakh. I consider the words told about Elmar as insult”. Avaz Zeynalli asked for speech and noted that, “Kur” Newspaper Editorial Office offers vacancies for 70 AZN per month. But these people swindled the president telling him false salary. Recall that, they announced that, monthly salary is 200 AZN.

After the Editor-in-Chief’s speech, Mayis Rzayev a pensioner continued as a witness. He said that, he comes to the hearing as his own wish. After that, M.Rzayev answered the questions asked by the prosecutor’s lawyer:

    Did you read the article yourself?


    Do you agree with the article written in the newspaper?

    No. The author of this article is blind. Rzayev also spoke about good condition of Yevlakh and emphasized that, there is not any problem regarding the people’s social welfare.

A.Zeynalli noted that, “witnesses who are questioned in the hearing are prosecutors themselves. According to Azerbaijan’s legislation the witness cannot participate in the hearing as his wish. But the pensioner said that, he participates in the hearing as his wish.

The Judge scheduled the hearing on December 25 at 14:30 and he also added that, the process will continue with witnesses’ hearings.