Public prosecutor requests three year jail sentence for human rights defender

November 28th, 2013


On November 28th a court hearing was held in Nasimi district court in the case of arrested lawyer and human rights defender Qurban Mammadov, who is charged with infringement of traffic or vehicle operation rules (article 263.1-1 of Criminal Code) and offering payoff to victim for false testimony (article 299.1 of Criminal Code).

The judge reviewed and rejected the defense lawyers’ motions “renew the judicial probe” and “announce the evidences and documents in the case file.”

Addressing the court, the public prosecutor said the charges had been proved and the accident had happened as it is described in the bill of indictment.

“Although Mammadov pretends to be a humanistic person, he did not keep his promise to cover the medical expenses of the person whom he had hit, so the victim testified again and thus the case was proven,” said the prosecutor.

The prosecutor requested 3 year imprisonment and 3 year driving ban for Mammadov.

Another hearing will be held on December 4th to hear the defense.

Qurban Mammadov was arrested on September, 2012 in connection with a car accident. In Mammadov’s view however, his arrest is politically motivated and is a revenge for his opposition activism and sharp criticisms of the authorities.