March 3rd, 2010
Today, 3 March, in the Yasamal District court, under the chairmanship of the Judge Ragib Gurbanov, a preliminary hearing was conducted on the lawsuit of “Regional Center for Human Rights and Social Researches” Public Union Founders Ali Bashirli and Shukur Izzetoglu against the Justice Ministry to consider the failure to register the Public Union unfounded. The Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety was told this by A.Bashirli.

According to A. Bashirli, the lawsuit was accepted for consideration and the hearing on this case was scheduled for 15 March at 5:00 p.m.
Although the Regional Center for Human Rights and Social Researches Public Union was founded in March, 2009, on 7 April 2009 the union appealed to the Justice Ministry to be registered. Then the union appealed to court due to the Ministry’s refusal to register it.