February 3rd, 2011
Rasul Jafarov and Yasar Agazadeh went to court today for an appeal against the National TV and Radio Council, which has refused them a broadcasting license for a new radio station.             

During the hearing, the plaintiffs requested the Judge to appeal to the Constitutional Court for an explanation of Article 19 of TV and Radio Broadcasting legislation. This law does not give any time frame for the announcement of the competition for radio licensing, and as a consquence, the National TV and Radio Council has been able to operate a broadcasting monopoly.
The Judge rejected the motion.
Then both sides present their arguments, after which the Judge postponed the process to March 3.
Jafarov, the founder of the TV and Alternative Media Development Centre and independent journalist Yashar Agazadeh appealed against the NTRC in order to obtain a radio broadcast license for a Baku and Absheron frequency. The NTRC told them that there were a number of available frequencies, but refused to assign them an official frequency or grant them a license. The plaintiffs have asked the courts to deem this illegal behaviour for a government body, and to compel the NTRC to give them license.
The lawsuit was rejected by the Sabayel District Court.