February 3rd, 2011
“The founder of the Sport-Azerbaijan TV channel is our respected president Ilham Aliyev,” said channel director Elsavar Dunyamaliev in an interview with Media Forum news website. He was speaking about the channel’s 2nd anniversary and expressing his gratitude for the president’s special interest.

“No other country in the world has a sports channel that is broadcast for free; people have to pay for subscription.  This free broadcasting demonstrates how much President Ilham Aliyev cares for our people,” said Dunyamaliyev.
Though the state-run AzTV channel became a Closed Joint Stock Company in 2005, it remains, along with Sport-Azerbaijan and Culture TV, a state channels. But Azerbaijan undertook to annul AzTV, as one of its obligations to the Council of Europe. By turning AzTV to a Closed Joint Stock Company, the government attempted to present it as an independent channel.