Rafig Tagi’s birthday marked by a graveside visit

Yesterday, August 5th, was the birthday of late writer Rafig Tagi, who was brutally stabbed and murdered in 2011. His relatives, friends and colleagues and journalists visited his grave and offered prayers for him.

The website rafiqtaqi.com dedicated to the late writer was presented on the same day. The site contains his stories, photos and video footages.
Rafig Tagi died in a Baku hospital, days after being treated for stab wounds he suffered in a November 19 2011 attack. It has been widely speculated that the motive for Tagi's murder was his article "Iran and Inevitability of Globalization", published on November 11th. Rafig Tagi had previously been sentenced to 3 years in jail back in 2007, for another article "Us and Europe", published in Sanat newspaper. The perpetrators and masterminds of his murder have not been found during the past 9 months. 
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