May 14th, 2008
"Senet newspaper" writer Raset Pirisoy reported he is being threatened on the internet.

He told the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety, "Someone named Zaur made threatening remarks when commenting on my poem. It is noted in the comment that someday I will have to pay for insulting people from Shusha in my poem "Petka." I interpret this as a threat against me."  Pirisoyu added that he knows Zaur and provided IRFS with Zaur's phone number.
 The Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety called this number, but Zaur refused to provide any information. "I am not going to say anything about who wrote the comment – me or someone else," said Zaur. "We have already talked this issue over with Raset. I will try to find the author of this comment."
 To clarify whether Zaur talked to Pirisoyu or not, IRFS contact Pirisoyu again. Although he confirmed that Zaur called and talked to him, he expressed doubt about the sincerity of Zaur's comments.