May 14th, 2008
Today the Information Freedom Development Coalition presented its report on "Results of Monitoring of Internet Resources of State Offices."

"We started this monitoring in 2006, and the report we are presenting today is from the period from November 2007 to 1 May 2008," said Multimedia Center head Osman Gunduz. "During this period we conducted monitoring of the internet resources of 50 state offices." According to Gunduz, the websites are assessed on the basis of the following criteria; presence or lack of information on website, relevance, richness of content and access.
 During today's event, a rating table was presented, and it was also states that the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Defense Ministry, Defense Industry Ministry, Labor and Social Defense Ministry and State Migration Service have no official site.
 According to the report, across the board the websites of state organs not give information about tenders, information about the sale and purchase of state property, budget and their management, services, required documents and costs, and the leadership's receiving hours and rules for workers.
 Only one of the website involved in the monitoring, that of the Commission on Issues of State Service, gives information about salary and staff. Another basic problem is the fact that the Ombudsman Institution on Information Issues still has not been created.
 Representatives from state offices participating in today's event emphasized that work is underway to eliminate problems regarding the openness of information.